10 things we can learn from polyglots about how to acquire a new language


This is the first web page written in English on this website.


Is learning more than one foreign language require special skills?

Is there any tips or methods that polyglots follow and that we can learn from them?

I am going to provide you with 10 methods we can learn from polyglots how they managed to acquire more than a few foreign languages.

1. There is no such thing as “it is too late” in learning languages

it is never too late to start

I hear many people complaining that it is too late to start learning a new foreign language.

The biological research indicates that the way babies acquire language and grown-ups do does not attribute to the brain function.

We tend to attribute to the difference of term and fluency that babies acquire one language and grown-ups do, however, the genuine reason for the difference is the environment.

Parents would keep listening to what the babies say and talking to the babies even if what the babies say do not make sense. Additionally, babies are not afraid of making mistakes in saying something.

On the other hand, now that we are grown-ups, people expect us to speak language with certain correctness and fluency.